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2034 Toronto Street
Regina, SK S4P 1N1

Warranty Information

Kaz Bike Lab in Regina, Saskatchewan, has the quality tools and service-driven mentality to guarantee quick and thorough repairs of your bike. As a courtesy, all of the services and repairs by our bike shop come with a 30-day riding warranty. We know that there is a break-in period for adjustments, guaranteeing you 30 days of carefree riding on all new bikes and parts under our warranty.

Affordable Repairs

In addition to attentive one-on-one service, our bike repair shop is less expensive because we don’t have a  storefront. Without an expensive storefront to maintain, we operate our shop at lower costs and pass the savings on to the consumer.

Contact us today to get the job done for less with the same top-quality parts you would find at any boutique shop.